Der Ernährungsrat in der Literatur

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Über den Ernährungsrat…

A “Eines der starken Instrumente der lokalen Ernährungspolitik sind Food Policy Councils, die hier in der deutschen Übersetzung als Ernährungsräte bezeichnet werden sollen. Ernährungsräte sind Think Tanks, Impulsgeber und Plattformen für das Ernährungssystem in der Stadt.” (Philipp Stierand, Speiseräume)

B “In response to growing concerns about food deserts, obesity rates among children, the loss of prime agricultural lands, a dwindling farmer population, and environmental problems such as soil erosion and water contamination, more and more towns, cities, regions, and states are forming food policy councils (FPCs).” (American Planning Association)

C “Food Policy Councils work across sectors, engaging with government policy and programs, grassroots/non-profit projects, local businesses and food workers. Instead of many advocates working on the isolated symptoms of a failing food system, Food Policy Councils attempt to establish platforms for coordinated action at the local level.” (Food Policy Councils: Leasons learned)

Die Ernährungsstrategie in Wort und Bild

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Über die Ernährungsstrategie…

1 “Food is a sustaining and enduring necessity. Yet among the basic essentials for life — air, water, shelter, and food — only food has been absent over the years as a focus of serious professional planning interest.” (American Planning Association)

2 “Letztlich folgen Stadtplanung und Ernährung auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen dem gleichen Motiv, nämlich der Erhöhung der Lebensqualität. Auf diese Verbindung und diese Kraft sollte die Entwicklung unserer Städte nicht verzichten müssen.” (Philipp Stierand, Gartenspaten)

3 “Urban Food Strategies aim to place food on the urban agenda, capitalizing on efforts made by existing actors and creating synergistic effects by linking different stakeholder groups. Written milestones in this process can be charters, actions plans or full strategies; however an UFS does not directly imply a strategic document.”  (Foodlinks)

Schriften zur lokalen Ernährungspolitik

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